le camp d'internement 1914-1919
Le camp d’internés 1914-1919

Dieser Internet-Auftritt verfolgt das Ziel, möglichst viele Informationen über das Internierungslager auf der Ile Longue zusammenzustellen, damit Historiker und Nachkommen der Internierten sich ein Bild von den Realitäten dieses bisher wenig bekannten Lagers machen können - nicht zuletzt auch, um die bedeutenden kulturellen Leistungen der Lagerinsassen zu würdigen.

Le but de ce site est de prendre contact avec les familles des prisonniers allemands, autrichiens, hongrois, ottomans, alsaciens-lorrains... qui ont été internés, pendant la Première Guerre mondiale, dans le camp de l’Ile Longue (Finistère).

The first weeks of the War

On June 28th, 1914, a Serbian student from Sarajevo shot down the archduke and the archduchess of Austria. That gives the signal of a race of exaggeration which results, a few weeks later, in a war which several European nations look forward to.

The ultimatum given by Austria to Serbia, July 23rd and the alliances put in movement some powerful mechanisms:

* Russia mobilizes July 24th, Serbia 25, Austria 26 and declares war on Serbia 28,
* Germany mobilizes 31 and immediately declares war on Russia;
* France mobilizes on Saturday, August 1st at 4 pm and gives until the 2nd at midnight to the nationals of the central Powers to leave the territory! Their arrest thus begins August 3rd;
* On August 3rd Germany declares war on France, the next day the United Kingdom declares war on Germany, the 11th France declares war on Austria-Hungary, followed by the United Kingdom the 13th;
* On August 23rd Japan declares war on Germany;
* On November 1st the Ottoman Empire allies to Germany. The colonies of the belligerent European powers and the Commonwealth countries are committed de facto into the war. It is a world war!

The military operations begin August 4th by the invasion of Belgium by the German army. In the East, the Czar launches the offensive on August 17th.

The German army pushes the allied lines. The French government withdraws to Bordeaux August 29th. The battle of the Marne begins September 6th, 50 kilometers from Paris.

It is a world war, resulting in: 9 million deaths, 8 million injured, and 8 million prisoners. An estimation of approximately 450 000 German soldiers were held prisoners in France.
The number of civilians interned in France is estimated at 50 000.

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