le camp d'internement 1914-1919
Le camp d’internés 1914-1919

Dieser Internet-Auftritt verfolgt das Ziel, möglichst viele Informationen über das Internierungslager auf der Ile Longue zusammenzustellen, damit Historiker und Nachkommen der Internierten sich ein Bild von den Realitäten dieses bisher wenig bekannten Lagers machen können - nicht zuletzt auch, um die bedeutenden kulturellen Leistungen der Lagerinsassen zu würdigen.

Le but de ce site est de prendre contact avec les familles des prisonniers allemands, autrichiens, hongrois, ottomans, alsaciens-lorrains... qui ont été internés, pendant la Première Guerre mondiale, dans le camp de l’Ile Longue (Finistère).

The French liner “La Savoie”
Article published on 5 June 2015

by Gérard
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The French liner “La Savoie” makes the crossing between the United States and France. She arrives into Le Havre on August 5th, 1914 and the nationals of the central Powers on board are arrested and interned. About sixty of them spend a few weeks or a few months in Ile Longue between 1918 and 1919.

Between the 7th and August 24th, 1914, in Le Havre, then in Cherbourg, “La Savoie” is armed “for war": A cannon is installed, and her unchanged crew, takes the military status.

On August 24th, the auxiliary cruiser “La Savoie” sails and joins the line of blockade, in the Channel. September 1st, she intercepts the “Nieuw-Amsterdam” and escorts her capture to Brest.

She is then used for transportation of troops, mainly in the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Removed from service May 28th, 1917, she is sold for demolition in 1927.

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